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Achieve the Best RV Loan that Suits Your Individual Needs

Jade provides customised finance to suit the individual needs of caravan buyers, reflecting the custom set-up of many caravans and RVs. Personal loan products – secured and unsecured, and commercial finance options including Chattel Mortgage and Leasing, are available. Each offer is sourced and negotiated to suit the individual financial objectives of our customer. The features which all our RV loans do have in common – cheaper interest rates and professional, expert services from your Jade consultant.

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Compare then Secure the Best Caravan Loan with Jade

At Jade, we prioritize sourcing the best finance rates for caravan buyers, ensuring affordable and flexible solutions. Our online resources, including a loan comparison calculator, help buyers make informed decisions. Our expert team focuses on a seamless, stress-free experience in securing RV finance tailored to your needs. Whether seeking flexible repayments, lower interest rates, or better terms, Jade is your partner for a superior solution.

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Compare RV Loan Options

Using our online calculator is a quick and easy way to make comparisons on the various options available with caravan and RV finance. All you need to do is to enter how much you require, the finance term preferred and interest rate. The calculator automatically calculates the repayment estimate based on those amounts. If the amount is not in your ballpark, change the amounts until it is. This is a great buying tool and a convenient step to quickly compare lender options and see how our better rates can save you on the cost of your caravan.

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Caravan Finance Comparison Rates - Explainer

When planning to take on a loan to purchase a caravan, it’s important to take into account the costs associated with the finance and not make decisions based solely on the interest rate advertised by lenders. Assistance with this process is provided with the Comparison Rate. This rate is always displayed alongside the lender’s advertised rate as a requirement under Australian consumer finance laws. It is a rate calculated for a specific RV loan example when fees and charges have been included.

This rate can provide a more accurate cost of the total loan and assist you to identify which is the best complete finance deal. Our cheaper comparison rates apply to all types of RVs including traditional caravans, hybrids, camper trailers, motorhomes, 5th wheelers, toy haulers and camper vans. To discuss the options best suited to your purchase and your needs and to find out exactly what interest rate we can source for you, contact Jade today.

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This calculator is solely for illustrative purposes and is intended as a guide. It relies on the information you provide and should not be considered a quote or a pre-qualification. The interest rate offered to you may vary from the one shown here, depending on your individual circumstances. Repayment figures do not account for any lender fees and charges.
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Embrace the RV Lifestyle with Our Caravan Loans

Getting on the road to adventure and embracing the lifestyle offered with a caravan is exciting. But the purchase can be a major investment decision. A factor which at Jade, we are fully aware of and take into consideration with our flexible loan options and professional broker-style lender services. We assist buyers purchasing both new and second-hand models when buying from all sources – dealers and manufacturers, private sellers and through auction houses. We deliver cheaper rates and better loans while making the entire process streamlined and straightforward. In addition to finding you the best loan solution that will work with your lifestyle, your travel plans and your budget, we’ll also assist with checks on used vans and liaise with sellers to ensure prompt settlement and faster delivery of your van.

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Jade’s Flexible RV Finance Options – Lease or Loan

As specialists in leisure finance, we fully understand and appreciate the varying preferences buyers have in regards to financing their RV. To cater for a wide range of buyer preferences we also offer the option of leasing in addition to our secured and unsecured loans. Not owning the vehicle outright, an objective of Leasing, can be a very attractive option for many buyers. Leasing enables buyers to enjoy their dream RV without some of the commitments and larger upfront payments associated with a secured loan. An option for buyers that prefer an alternative to a long-term ownership commitment.

Leasing may also present an attractive alternative for buyers that intend to more frequently upgrade their RV to a new model. It provides greater flexibility to upgrade when the term of the lease ends. Allowing owners to stay abreast of new developments and tech in the caravan industry with the latest model more often.

Jade is a specialist in RV finance which is why we provide a range of options so we can meet the individual needs of each customer. Whether it’s a secured or unsecured loan to meet long term ownership objectives or leasing to enable easier and more frequent upgrade. Our experts will assist you in making an informed decision on the finance option that works with your lifestyle and your objectives.

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Bad Credit RV Finance Solutions

As specialists in finance with over 25 years in the lender sector, we are fully aware of the challenges in securing finance faced by those with bad credit. But unlike some lenders that may simply say NO to bad credit RV applications, at Jade we have a different attitude. We work with customers that have a bad credit history or poor score, to source a workable solution and allow them to realise their RV ownership dream. Our options include low doc and no doc finance and ‘no credit check’ loans for eligible business operators.

As a broker-style lender, we have access to more lenders including those that provide finance to bad credit businesses. You will be assigned a Jade consultant that works with you, without judgement, to make an assessment of your individual circumstances and find the lender that may offer the most suitable solution. We handle the lender discussions and negotiations on behalf of our customers to arrive at the possible options.

Even if your loan application has been rejected by other lenders, speak with Jade to see what we may be able to achieve for you.

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Caravan Finance Australia-wide – city, regional, rural and remote areas covered!

Jade operates a comprehensive nation-wide broker-style RV lender service to assist buyers in all areas of Australia to access cheaper caravan finance. We can assist you with our expert services to secure cheaper finance, regardless of where you are based and regardless of where the caravan you’re buying is located. Feel confident to order at a caravan show or direct with manufacturers located in another state, knowing the Jade will assist with sourcing the finance.

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No Deposit Loan for Caravans and that Dream RV– a reality at Jade!

Imagine if you could purchase your dream RV without having to dig into your savings to make a substantial deposit? That can be a reality when using Jade to source your finance. The price of some top-end models presents quite a considered purchase and even finding a significant deposit on a budget-priced model may stretch some budgets. Leaving less in the kitty for treats and excursions while on the road or on holiday. An alternative is to postpone the purchase while saving for goodness knows how long to amass the deposit. We assist with no deposit options for approved customers. This allows for the complete purchase price, and some of the extras and upgrades you have your eye on, to be included in the loan amount. It can be a reality with Jade, so why not speak with us today. Your dream RV could become a reality very quickly and with better finance.

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Refinancing for Caravans with Jade – Ease Budget Pressures, Reduce Monthly Commitments

Caravan loans can be arranged over terms of quite a few years. At Jade we can offer terms of up to 7 years. Over the term of a loan, we understand that individual circumstances can change. Changes that may put pressure on finances. Refinancing an existing loan on a caravan, camper or other RV through Jade, may present a workable option to saving money. We will review your existing loan arrangement, compare it with the options we are currently offering and present the possibilities to you. Those possibilities may include achieving a cheaper interest rate or reducing the monthly repayment amount. Refinancing may sound complex, but at Jade, we ensure it is a streamlined and simple process that can be completed very quickly. Our consultants will work with you to structure a solution that meets your specific objective – lower rate, more workable repayments or other goals. There’s no need to continue with a loan arrangement that doesn’t work for you. Speak with us about the possibilities to ease the situation.

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More Options for Loans for Caravans - Source Your Ideal Solution from Jade

Our customers all have unique needs and many of the RVs being purchased are customised to suit individual travel and holiday preferences. Jade embraces the individual nature of a caravan purchase by offering a range of finance options – personal loans and commercial finance.

Buyers requiring loans can select either a secured or an unsecured option. The secured loan will suit most new caravan purchases, with the RV the finance security and offer a great interest rate. Where the RV is not available for or accepted as security, an unsecured loan is an option. The rate is higher than a secured loan but Jade still offers cheaper rates and flexible terms. Great for share caravans, refurb projects and some older models.

When purchasing caravans for business purposes, our commercial loan options – Chattel Mortgage and Hire Purchase, offer great rates and flexibility. Chattel Mortgage offers a secured finance format and good tax benefits. Hire purchase can present a flexible alternative to meet other objectives. Your Jade consultant will source the cheapest offer and structure the deal to meet individual requirements.

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Jade Finance handles every loan individually, please feel free to contact us via email
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What security is needed for Secured Caravan Finance?  FAQ Arrow

With secured caravan finance, the caravan or RV being purchased is accepted as the security for the loan amount. For many buyers, no additional security by way of property, collateral or assets is required to be provided to secure the finance. The finance is repaid over a fixed finance term in equal monthly instalments.

What is the difference between an advertised interest rate and a comparison rate?  FAQ Arrow

The comparison rate is the interest rate for a specific caravan finance deal. The specifics of the example which has been used to arrive at that rate will shown alongside the rate. The comparison rate uses the advertised interest rate over the term as indicated for the loan amount as indicated and includes some, but not necessarily all, lender fees and charges.

What caravan loan types are available?  FAQ Arrow

For private buyers, the caravan loan types include a Secured Caravan Loan and an Unsecured Personal Loan. The Secured loan is the most widely-used type as it suits most buyers and most RVs. The RV is the security or collateral for the loan. In instances where the RV is not suitable for collateral, buyers can consider an Unsecured Personal Loan.

What types of RVs can be financed with a caravan loan?  FAQ Arrow

In the lending sector the reference to caravan finance or caravan loan is an ‘umbrella’ category which covers all the different types of recreational vehicles on the market. These include traditional caravans, camper trailers, campers, pop tops, slide-ons, mobile homes, motorhomes, 5th wheelers, hybrids and off-road models and toy haulers.

Is bad credit caravan finance available?  FAQ Arrow

Not all banks and finance companies will offer bad credit caravan finance. But there are lenders in the market that will extend credit to applicants with a low or poor credit score. Some lenders offer a no credit check option. Applicants can expect to be offered a higher interest rate than the rate offered to applicants with a good credit score. Bad credit buyers may benefit from using a finance broker to assist in matching their requirements with a suitable lender.

Is there a difference between caravan loans for new and used models?  FAQ Arrow

The advertised interest rate as shown by most lenders will be for new goods. That is, for brand new caravans and other RVs. When assessing caravan loans applications, lenders will take into account the age and the condition of the RV and the amount of the loan against the value of the vehicle. Typically, a higher rate may be expected on loans for used models but the same loan products will apply.

Can the entire price of the RV be included in the caravan finance?  FAQ Arrow

No deposit caravan finance is available through some banks and lenders and is subject to lender approval. If approved, the buyer can include the full purchase price in the finance amount. This may also include certain accessories and upgrade packs that are purchased in conjunction with the vehicle.

How is the interest rate on a caravan loan offer derived?  FAQ Arrow

The interest rate advertised by lenders for a caravan loan will relate to loan applicants that have a good credit score. The credit profile forms an integral part of the application assessment process. From the credit review, lenders determine their creditworthiness or risk level for that buyer. A higher risk or lower creditworthiness can attract a higher interest rate. The amount being requested may also influence the risk assessment. The age and condition of a used caravan may also influence the interest rate offered.

Can I get approved for a caravan loan before I make the final purchase decision?  FAQ Arrow

Yes. Getting approved for a caravan loan prior to purchase is generally referred to as pre-approved finance. The same application process is required but the loan amount may be estimated as the exact purchase price would not be known. When approved, applicants may be made a caravan loan offer which is valid for a set period during which they can make their selection and complete their purchase.

Is insurance required with caravan finance?  FAQ Arrow

With secured caravan finance, lenders require the buyer to take out a comprehensive insurance policy on the vehicle. The inclusions and exclusions can vary on caravan insurance policies across the insurer market. Buyers may confirm with the lender exactly what is required to be covered in their policy. Numerous Australian insurance companies offer insurance for RVs.

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