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Get Funding for Your RV Dreams with Jade Caravan Finance

Aspiring to the RV lifestyle but need money to make the purchase? Not sure where to start in comparing rates, lenders and credit products? Relax and let Jade handle the funding for you.

As specialists in leisure goods funding, Jade Caravan Finance provides the expertise, experience and tools to make comparing lenders and credit products and achieving the cheapest interest rates a  fast, simple and enjoyable experience.

We handle the entire process, including finding you the cheapest rate and handling the paperwork. So you can devote your time to the even more enjoyable process of selecting which RV to purchase and making travel plans.

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Expert Guide to Comparing Motorhome Interest Rates

Simply answer the questions that follow to see if you qualify:

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Comparing Lenders offering Financing for Motorhomes

Buyers needing money to purchase a leisure travel vehicle can face confusion when it comes to working out which of the lenders are offering the better deals on RV funding. 

Lender options include:-

  • Banks and financial institutions: a specific RV credit product may not be specifically offered. Buyers may need to consider the Personal Loan category of products. These may be more generic credit products that apply to a wide range of leisure goods and not necessarily structured specifically for recreational vehicles.
  • Many manufacturers and dealer now offer the option for buyers to sign up for funding at time of purchase. This may appear extremely convenient, but buyers should be alert to any extra commissions and charges. These offers are usually through a third party credit provider. 
  • Leisure home credit comes under the Consumer Finance Laws as regulated through ASIC. All providers must be licensed and display their credentials. Check for licence details when made an offer.
  • Brokers such as Jade that specialise in this area bring the offerings from a large number of lenders to buyers with just the one contact. 

Quicker, easier comparing lenders through Jade – more lenders, more options, cheaper rates!

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Utilising Our Services for Cheaper Motorhome Financing Rates

Our expert broker services are available to all buyers, regardless of the make, model, style of the recreational vehicle and profile of the buyer. We provide cheaper rates and cheaper credit for all types of RVs – traditional caravans, campers, mobile homes, off-road, 5th wheelers, toy hauliers and many others.  

There has been a surge in people taking up the RV lifestyle and with it the demand for funds to make the purchase has increased. That can mean more competitive rates and offers.

We’ve kept in step with buying trends by offering dedicated leisure goods funding for the purchase of all types of RVs and caravans and all types of buyers. Even those with bad credit

Cheaper rates are sourced from a large lender base.

Instant access to 60+ lenders streamlines the credit process.

Cut the time, hassle and confusion in sourcing enough offer to compare by just phoning Jade. 

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Achieving Finance for Motorhomes at Cheaper Interest Rates

  • Access more lenders through the one contact at Jade.
  • Use Jade to negotiate the cheapest rates from across a large section of the market.
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This calculator is solely for illustrative purposes and is intended as a guide. It relies on the information you provide and should not be considered a quote or a pre-qualification. The interest rate offered to you may vary from the one shown here, depending on your individual circumstances. Repayment figures do not account for any lender fees and charges.
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Compare features of an Unsecured & Secured Motorhome Loan

Both Secured and Unsecured credit products are offered for RV purchases. The type of product most suitable may be determined by lender guidelines and the condition of the goods. 

Secured credit is the most popular and allows the vehicle to become the security for the money loaned. This will suit most buyers of new vehicles and attracts a lower rate. Comprehensive insurance is required with secured credit products.

Where the vehicle is not suitable for security, an unsecured option may be considered. Rates are usually higher and may be variable or fixed.

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Enjoy worry-free travel with Jade Secured Motorhome Finance

Secured RV funding through Jade offers buyers the assurance of many years of travel and holiday without having to worry about the financial side of their purchase. The vehicle is the security for the credit, so no issues with having to provide additional forms of guarantee 

  • Fixed rates, fixed terms, and fixed repayments – all remain unchanged over the full term of the funding.
  • No deposit option allows the full price to be included in the offer, leaving existing funds for travel experiences.
  • Up to 7-year fixed terms to allow for repayments to be negotiated to suit individual buyers and allow budgeting for more purchases ahead. 
  • Include accessories, optional packs and upgrades in the one credit package to free up other money for time on the road.
  • Individually sourced and personally structured credit to suit specific budgets, ongoing commitments, future plans and aspirational goals.  
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Get Approved Quickly for a Loan for Motorhomes

Apply online or over the phone for quick quotes, fast approvals and prompt settlements. Your Jade consultant will be handling the process so you can relax and start making travel plans while we handle the hard work.

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Easily Compare Rates on Different Motorhome Loans

Tips and hints when comparing rates on credit products:-

  • Lenders will display both an interest rate and a comparison rate as required by law. The interest rate is the base rate. 
  • The Comparison Rate is the rate on a purchase example as indicated after some fees and charges have been included.
  • Rates advertised will be for new goods and applicable for applicants with a good to excellent credit rating. 
  • Rates may be fixed or variable. Variable rates can change when the Reserve Bank lifts rates.
  • We offer fixed rates so the rate does not change and our customers can enjoy worry-free travelling.
  • Use a calculator to compare rates and repayments.
  • Refer to our handy Lender Comparison table for quick checks on the current market.

Contact us to have your personal Jade consultant handle the comparing rates process and deliver the cheapest offer. 

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Australia's best Motorhome loan. Get your rate today.

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Comparing Motorhome Finance for New & Used Models

Money to purchase all leading makes and models, Australian-made and imported, at better rates – 

  • New and used models
  • Purchases from manufacturers and dealers
  • Assistance with buying from private sellers
  • Pre-purchase options for buying at auctions and caravan shows
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Jade Finance handles every loan individually, please feel free to contact us via email
or phone on 1300 000 008 to direct your specific issues to our consultants.

Can accessories be included in the loan for motorhomes?  FAQ Arrow

Some lenders will allow additional items such as accessories and upgrade packs to be included in the funding. To be considered for inclusion, the items would need to be purchased from the same dealer as the vehicle and at the same time. After purchase items would not be able to be added to the loan.

Is the interest rate on a motorhome loan the same for new and used models?  FAQ Arrow

Interest rates for funding on new and used models can differ but may also be the same. The condition of the vehicle is taken into consideration by lenders when preparing an offer. Interest rates are primarily determined by the credit profile and other details of the applicant.

What types of loans are available for motorhome financing?  FAQ Arrow

RV funding is available with both secured and unsecured credit products. The vehicle is the security for a secured product while additional guarantees or assets may be required with an unsecured product.

What security is required for motorhome loans?  FAQ Arrow

The security required will depend on the credit product, the applicant profile and the lender. With a secured credit product, the vehicle is accepted as security by the lender. No additional security by way of assets is usually requested. Unsecured products do not have the vehicle as security and buyers may need to provide other forms such as property or assets.

What makes and models are eligible for Motorhome Finance?  FAQ Arrow

Purchases of all makes and models of leisure vehicles are generally eligible for credit. This includes both those made in Australia and imported models.

Can the entire purchase price be included in a loan for motorhomes?  FAQ Arrow

Yes, subject to lender approval. When the entire purchase price is included in the credit, it is referred to as no deposit funding. Meaning, the buyer can include 100% of the price without needing to make a downpayment.

What lenders offer finance for motorhomes?  FAQ Arrow

Money to purchase all types of RVs is available through banks, financial institutions, manufacturers and dealers and through specialist brokers. Some lenders will offer specific leisure goods or leisure vehicle products. Others may offer this type of funding through their general personal credit products.

Will the interest rate on financing for motorhomes change during the loan term?  FAQ Arrow

Interest rates on this type of lending can be at a fixed or a variable rate. Fixed rate credit would remain unchanged over the full term of the funding. Variable rates are subject to change when the lender and/or Reserve Bank make changes to rates.

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